About the hostel

The hostel is situated in Żywiec next to the state road S69 (Bielsko-Biała – Żywiec) near the Statoil petrol station. There are rooms for 2 or 3 persons. The whole hostel building can accommodate 32 people. All rooms are equipped with:

  • a bathroom with a shower
  • individual air-conditioning in each room
  • individually controlled underfloor heating in each room
  • free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • 32” LCD TV with 15 channels
  • a free monitored car park

Our staff are present 24 hours a day. There is a restaurant within a 20 metre distance of the hostel which serves breakfasts at any time of day and night. In their free time guests can relax in the garden surrounding the hostel. The summerhouse can accommodate 20 people and children can play in the mini playground. The city centre is within 2 km of the hostel. The hostel is located in the very centre of the Beskidy Mountains among the Żywiec Beskidy Mountains, the Silesian Beskidy Mountains and the Low Beskidy Mountains.

Distance from our hostel

Bielsko Biała

20 km

Aerial cable railway to Szyndzielnia

Międzybrodzie Żywieckie

10 km

Railway to Żar transferred from Gubałówka, a beautiful view of 3 dams


50 km

The shortest route to the highest top of the Beskidy Mountains Babia Góra - 1725 m begins in Zawoja. 

The Valley of Zimnik 

11 km

A beautiful walking  spot, the beginning of the route to the top of Skrzyczne, Magurka Radziechowska, Barania Góra

Aquapark Leśna

6 km




17 km

The beginning of the mountain route to Rysianka, Lipowska and Romanka (a beautiful route of about 8 hours).

The church in Leśna

7 km


There are more than 120  Saints’ relics.

The Żywiec Brewery Museum

3 km




14 km

Ski lifts, the chair lift to Skrzyczne, beginning of mountain routes to Skrzyczne and Klimczok


25 km

Ski lifts, the chair lift to Szczawiny, beginning of the mountain route to Pilsko

The City Museum in Żywiec, The Old Castle

3 km



Golgotha of the Beskidy Mountains

11 km